Website About the Nature of Monticello Park

Monticello Park in Beverley Hills is THE place to see migrating songbirds in the spring. The small, tree-covered park is an ideal spot for the birds to land and feed.  The stream allows for drinking and bathing (for the birds and hopefully not the birders).  Birders flock there in April and May to view the flying beauties.

And now there is a website dedicated to the park.

Ashley Bradford and Bill Young have created the website MPNature to help people learn about and enjoy the nature at Monticello Park.  The website is designed so that visitors can know what to look for before visiting the park and can understand what they are seeing once they get there.

The site offers photos and facts about the species that frequent the park, daily bird checklists, as well as a map and virtual tour of the park.  And for those who want to learn even more, there will be natural history essays.

So take some time and explore the information on MPNature by clicking here.   And when the time is right, come and visit so that you check out the beauty of Monticello Park!


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