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Knits by Naima


If you are looking for a great, fashionable way to keep warm this winter, you should check out Knits by Naima. It is a one-woman, local business based in Del Ray offering handcrafted knintware including hats, scarves, mittens and more.

Naima Barnes started knitting in 2013 after she learned the basics at a knitting club offered at her job in Seattle. There she learned the basics of how to put yarn on the needle. And from there she was hooked! She ventured to YouTube to learn more and was able to pick up advanced skills through videos. Later, someone pointed out to her that she was knitting as a right-handed person even though she was left-handed. Apparently, the YouTube videos had instructed her as a right-hander. But she knew it that way, so stayed with that method.

She started with scarves and headbands, then moved on to hats, then mittens and more. She opened her Etsy shop about one year ago. There she offers made-to-order items but you can view samples of her work to see what you would like. She can make a scarf in about a week, but a hat takes only about one day!

She does have another job. She works as a Planner at Motley Fool Wealth Management. So, knitting provides Naima a way to wind down from the stresses of the world and is a way for her to practice self-care.

The link to her shop is here.

You can also find her on Facebook  and on Instagram.

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