Grandpa Titan

If you have ever been to a T.C. Williams Football game or men’s basketball game, there is a good chance you have seen and heard Mike Oliver, a.k.a Grandpa Titan.  A beloved fixture and super-fan, Oliver has been attending T.C. Williams athletic events for decades, cheering loudly and proudly!

Although he himself did not attend T.C. (he attended high school in West Virginia and was student body President), he was introduced to T.C. when his two daughters, Kathleen (class of 1982) and Sarah (class of 1987) attended the school.  Kathleen participated in crew while Sarah played soccer.  And that spirit can also be found in his wife, Linda, a.k.a Grandma Titan, who was awarded an academic letter for her service as the T.C. Williams cafeteria manager.

He mostly attends home games but has traveled as far as Charlottesville and Lynchburg to watch the Football team vie for State Champion.  Some were successful and others were not.  He recommends bringing a T.C. Williams seat cushion for the Football games with aluminum seats in December!  He has also traveled to Richmond to watch the basketball team in the State Finals.

After the Football games you might find him in the end zone giving words of encouragement, especially after a tough game.

Between games you can find him sitting in front of his house in a a chair by the street.  During this interview at least 12 people stopped by to say hi or give a wave from their car!

If you see him at a game, give him a wave!  Go Titans!


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