Whim Pop



Looking for a place for a cold, tasty treat (despite the falling temperatures)?  Look no further than Whim Pop (1309 King Street).  Whim Pop has the most amazing variety frozen fruit pops!  All their products are made with real fruit, no color or artificial flavors are added.



Whim Pop started its journey in the Spring of 2012, selling frozen fruit pops at Oakton, VA Smart Markets.  The idea was created by Maria Romano, a woman looking for a way to integrate her Mexican culture with the local community.  She decided to create frozen fruit pops, which are popular in the Mexican culture, while integrating flavors from the world.  The result is a unique selection of products for folks who like to try new things and for immigrants who miss the taste of their home countries.  Year round flavors include

Apple cinnamon




Cucumber & chile

Hibiscus pomegranate


Mango Yogurt

Strawberry basil

Strawberry yogurt swirls




Cocktail flavors include Bloody Mary with seasonal flavors like Blueberry Lemon and Plum Basil for sale.  They also have deliveries and catering available.


And if you don’t find the flavor that you want you can contact them to see if they can create it for you.


For more information on Whim Pop click here.




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