Sweets in Alexandria

Everyone loves sweets!  Looking for a place to grab a sweet treat?  Here are a few suggestions:

Killer ESP


Killer ESP – as in espresso, sorbet and pie – is a super place for a sweet bite.  Located in the heart of Old Town at 1012 King Street, Killer ESP offers Stumptown Coffee – an iconic coffee company from Portland, Oregon that is known for its diverse flavors and business ethic.  They will also make you a sorbet believer with their home-made, custom sorbet flavors.  Or try a slice of one of their Dangerously Delicious Pies.  Made from scratch using fresh ingredients, each piece of pie or quiche will leave you smiling!


The Happy Tart


Looking for a gluten-free treat?  Check out the Happy Tart at 2307a Mt. Vernon Avenue in Del Ray.  Somehow, they have  transformed classic French pastries into gluten free versions.  All of their treats are made from scratch, in a gluten free kitchen.  There is something for everyone!


Buzz Bakery


With special attention to details, Buzz delivers an array of sweet goods and drinks.  The atmosphere is inviting at all three locations but we prefer the Alexandria location at 901 Slaters Lane.  You can grab a cupcake to go or hang out on one of their couches with a glass of wine!  Yes, a glass of wine at a bakery – what a great combination!


Enjoy a sweet treat today – you deserve it!



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