I had heard a lot about solidcore.  Mostly, that it was a new way to workout and it was hard!  So, I decided to give it a try.  I showed up to their Old Town location (800 North Hanry Street) after securing a spot and paying on-line.  The instructor, Alex, was friendly and showed me ahead of time the machine that we would be using.  She positioned me next to one of their other instructors, who was also taking the class.  For the next 50 minutes, we did a series of exercises on a MegaFormer, which consists of a stationary platform on each end and a sliding platform in the middle.  Sounds medieval but Alex helped me figure it out.  We started by working on our abs and then moved to our legs.  I was shaking and sweating and working!  Before I knew it, 50 minutes had passed and I felt like my abs and legs had been pushed to their limit.  As I was leaving, Alex gave me an introductory offer to go back for more!  They recommend two classes per week for the first two weeks and then three classes per week after that.  Quite a commitment but if it gets the results that you want, it is well worth it!  And with the class changing every time you come, you should avoid a plateau (and boredom).  I recommend you give it a try to see if [solidcore] is for you.

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