A Day in Del Ray

What would you do if you could take a day off from work to spend in Del Ray? I thought about it and, because I just love what I do for a living, decided to plan a half-day to explore. Here is what I would do.

I would start the day bright and early at 5:45AM with a 50 minute indoor cycling class with Jaime Dawson at Swet Ride. Nothing like a great workout to some upbeat music to start the day. Right there at 2413 Mount Vernon Avenue.


After a quick trip home to shower and grab the dog, we would go back to Caboose for a light breakfast. A great cup of coffee and a well-earned piece of pastry in their outdoor seating area would be just wonderful. Their breads and muffins are to-die for! Located at 2419 Mount Vernon Avenue.


Following a short stroll with Buddha, it will be time for him to have a treat of his own so we will head over to the Dairy Godmother at 2310 Mount Vernon Avenue. They not only serve tasty frozen custard, sorbet, and ice pops, but the shop also makes Puppy Pops. These frozen treats for dogs contain plain yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. Buddha will love it!


The dog will be ready for a rest, so I will drop him at home. Next stop: Kiskadee. The shop, located at 2205 Mount Vernon Avenue, carries all my favorite dresses and baubles. I need to pick up the perfect gift for a friend having a birthday over the weekend. She will love anything from that store!


Next, an appointment with my hair stylist at Anne Welsh Salon at 2100 Mount Vernon Avenue. I have been going to Andie for years for cuts and color. I feel like a new person every time I step out of their doors.


One more stop and then back home. I will stop by the butcher shop, Let’s Meat on the Avenue (2403 Mount Vernon Avenue), for some free-range, pasture-fed meat for dinner. After selecting a beautiful cut for grilling, I will pick up a smoked marrow bone for Buddha.


A full morning behind me, I know I will feel ready to head home for some work! Next time, I will take the afternoon off and see where that leads me down in Del Ray!

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